Taylor Swift's alleged groper explains why photo looks awkward

The ex-radio DJ at the center of the Taylor Swift groping trial fervently defended his innocence a day after a Denver jury ruled in the pop star’s favor.

David Mueller reiterated in a new interview Tuesday that he never reached underneath Swift’s skirt and grabbed her backside as they posed for a picture at a 2013 meet-and-greet as she claims, even after an eight-person jury sided with Swift at the end of a contentious six-day trial.

“I didn’t do what they say I did. I didn’t do it,” he told ABC’s Clayton Sandell in a sitdown that aired on “Good Morning America.” “I never grabbed her. I never had my hand under her skirt, and I can pass a polygraph.”

This photo of Taylor Swift (center) and David Mueller (right) was taken in 2013.

This photo of Taylor Swift (center) and David Mueller (right) was taken in 2013.


Mueller was ordered to pay out a symbolic $ 1 to Swift after the jury’s findings, which came down on Monday after a short deliberation.

Taylor Swift wins $ 1 in groping case against ex-radio DJ

The photo that the former DJ and his girlfriend, Shannon Mercher, took with Swift at Denver’s Pepsi Center shows Mueller with his hand extended behind Swift’s backside, though it’s not clear if he’s making contact with her body. He’s standing further away from Swift than the singer is from Mercher — though he argues the awkward nature of the picture is the result of him jumping in at the last minute.

“I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t invited to be in the photo,” he told Sandell. “I just moved into the shot, best I could.”

Mueller was fired from his job as an on-air personality at Denver’s KYGO radio station shortly after Swift’s allegations surfaced. He sued the “Blank Space” singer for $ 3 million two years later, claiming she cost him his job, but now says all he ever wanted was a written note to help him get another job.

“I asked for something in writing that stated there was a misunderstanding, and I can take that and possibly convince someone at a radio station to hire me,” Mueller said in the interview.

Taylor Swift cries, rolls eyes during closing arguments of trial

Judge William J. Martinez, who oversaw the case, tossed Mueller’s lawsuit last Friday, ruling that Swift “did not act improperly.” Swift had filed a countersuit against the DJ that claimed sexual assault and battery.

Swift, 27, took the stand last Thursday — the fourth day of the trial — to passionately testify against Mueller.

David Mueller defended his innocence in an interview that aired Tuesday on “Good Morning America.”

David Mueller defended his innocence in an interview that aired Tuesday on “Good Morning America.”


“He stayed latched onto my bare a– cheek as I lurched away from him,” she told the jury, calling his contact “a definite grab.”

Mueller, meanwhile, told a different story when he took the stand two days earlier, contending he may have touched Swift’s ribs or ribcage, but never her rear end.

“It’s a humiliating experience to be accused of something that despicable,” he told the courtroom last Tuesday.


A courtroom sketch of Taylor Swift.

(Jeff Kandyba/AP)

Swift said after her legal victory Tuesday that she will make donations to organizations dedicated to aiding and defending the victims of sexual assault.

“My hope is to help those whose voices should also be heard,” she said in a statement.

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Giancarlo Stanton Gets Beer Shower After Breaking Marlins HR Record

Giancarlo StantonShowered in Beer!!After Breaking Marlins HR Record

8/15/2017 6:58 AM PDT

Breaking News

Giancarlo Stanton has been on such a hot streak lately his teammates had to cool him down a bit … with an ice-cold beer shower!!

The Miami Marlins star broke the team’s homer record with his 43rd dinger of the season Monday … and his teammates celebrated the feat with brews and shaving cream!!

Stanton got drenched. His boys went crazy. It’s freakin’ awesome.

G.S. is crushing the league in homers this season — he has 7 more than Aaron Judge (who’s in 2nd place).

Gotta love team bonding.


‘Nowhere to go’: Palestinian family on brink of eviction by Israel from home of 50yrs speaks to RT

An elderly Palestinian couple have told RT they have “nowhere to go” if Israel carries out a decision to evict them and their relatives from the home they have owned in East Jerusalem for over 50 years. The EU is already urging Israel to reconsider the step.

The Shamasne family have been living in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood since 1964, when the area was under Jordanian rule. When Israel took over East Jerusalem in 1967, nobody claimed the rights to the property.

The issue came to light after an Israeli right-leaning settler group, the Israel Land Fund, found the previous owners of the house several years ago.

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llegal Israeli settler outpost of Amona, in the occupied West Bank © Baz Ratner

“We lived for 53 years in this house, it is a great injustice. Israel should give us back our land. They take our homes and claim it is theirs,” 76-year-old Fahmiah Shamasne told RT.

Under Israeli law, property proven to have been owned by Jews before 1948 can be reclaimed. Four years ago the Shamasnes lost their appeal to the Supreme Court, which ruled that the family must hand over their home.

The Palestinians were to leave last week amid police inspections of the building and threats of forceful eviction. The decision has sparked anger among the Arab population of East Jerusalem, who staged prayers outside the house in a show of protest.

“The police are threatening us. We don’t know what to do, we are sitting here like fools. We don’t know whether to stay or leave. We have nowhere to go to,” the elderly woman told RT. She added that her 84-year-old husband will not leave unless he is forced to.

“Maybe if we were to find at least a room we could leave. But even if you were to drag out my husband and kick him, he would refuse to go.”

Other members of the family also made it clear that they would not give up the place where they spent their whole lives. The couple’s, Mohammed Shamasne, said he would struggle for the family property.

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Pro-settlement activists scuffle with Israeli policemen, February 28, 2017. © Ronen Zvulun

Meanwhile, Arye King, director of the Israel Land Fund, which won a court battle to claim the elderly couples house, says the Palestinian family must obey the court ruling.

“I am the owner – it is like being an owner in the middle of Paris or the middle of London – to tell your tenant to go out and he is telling you, ‘no. I don’t want to go out.’ This is what the Shamasnes did. After all they don’t want to go out from our apartment, so then we told them we took them to court,” King told RT.

The Shamasnes are not the only family on the verge of forceful eviction in East Jerusalem. At least 44 other Arab families face the same threat, according to Free Jerusalem activist Uri Agnon.

“The situation now in Sheikh Jarrah is truly awful. The idea that these seven people [in the Shamasne family] may be evicted from their homes any day now is something that troubles each and every person in Jerusalem and not only in it,” Agnon said in an interview to RT.

The word is turning a blind eye to the problem as Israel has a powerful lobby abroad, the activist believes.

READ MORE: Israeli police clash with settlers during eviction of residents from illegal outpost (VIDEO)

“Palestinians are being talked about a lot and the issue of the occupation is being brought up again and again in different places around the world, but the actual action has not really been taken because, I think, Israel has a very strong lobby around the world.”

Law is unjust – Israeli ex-attorney general

The Palestinian family’s claims to their property in Sheikh Jarrah were supported by former Attorney General of Israel Michael Ben-Yair, whose relatives also had to flee the eastern part of the city in 1948.

Read more

Palestinian Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. © Abbas Momani

“The current Israeli law that enables double compensation only for Jews for [lost] properties in East Jerusalem from the times before 1948 is unjust,” Ben- Yair said, as cited by the Jerusalem Post.

The Israeli authorities should let the current inhabitants of the disputed house stay and give them all the necessary rights to it, Ben-Yair added.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Shamasne family as well as others facing eviction has caused grave concern from the European Union missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah.

“The EU calls on the Israeli authorities to reconsider these decisions,” the missions said in a statement on Friday, adding that some 180 households in the area are also facing the threat of eviction.

Brussels and the UN have repeatedly condemned Israel’s settlement policy, including evictions and demolitions.

“The settlement policy is illegal under international law, and its continuation undermines the viability of the two-state solution and the prospect for a lasting peace,” the EU missions stated.

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Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson and Blac Chyna Hit Up Same Strip Club

Khloe KardashianStrip Club Face-Off… With Blac Chyna

8/15/2017 6:29 AM PDT

If Khloe Kardashian and Blac Chyna are in the same strip club at the same time, but nobody sees them together on the inside … is it still awkward?

We got Khloe and her man, Tristan Thompson, entering Ace of Diamonds in WeHo Monday night … and her brother’s ex/baby mama, Blac Chyna, wasn’t far behind. It seems everyone was just there for a good time too — Chyna wasn’t working.

As we reported, Rob Kardashian and Blac are in the process of settling child custody for their daughter, Dream … but we doubt that topic came up in convo if Khloe and Chyna chatted inside.

Then again … ya never know.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle and photographer Tommy Incredible were also in the house.


Air Berlin files for insolvency after biggest investor pulls funding

Germany’s second-largest airline Air Berlin has filed for insolvency after its key shareholder Etihad Airways said it would withdraw financial support for the carrier.

Trading in Air Berlin shares was temporarily suspended until 12:05 GMT.

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Reuters / Olivia Harris

Air Berlin and its subsidiaries filed the application in a local Berlin court with no bankruptcy protection pursued for its Niki Luftfahrt and Leisure Cargo units, according to the carrier.

The airline said the bankruptcy proceedings would be opened in self-administration with the federal government supporting Air Berlin with a transitional loan of €150 million. The company will continue to operate during the procedure.

“This bridging loan will be made available via the KfW (state development bank) and backed by a federal guarantee,” said the economy and transport ministries in a joint statement.

In recent months customers have faced delays and cancellations. In an attempt to remain solvent, Air Berlin leased 38 planes and crews to bigger rival Lufthansa.

The company also planned to merge its subsidiary Nikki with the airline arm of German tourism group TUI. However, the merger fell apart after Etihad announced it failed to reach an agreement on making a joint venture for the operation.

READ MORE: Aeroflot to start second major Russian airline

Etihad last provided additional funding of €250 million ($ 293 million) to Air Berlin in April.

The German carrier said it is in talks with Lufthansa over buying parts of the business after the carrier goes bankrupt.

The ministries stated that they are waiting for a decision from another airline weighing the possibility of purchasing parts of the business in the coming weeks.

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RT Business

Putin: Masterminds of ‘death groups’ are no different from murderers

People who encourage minors to join groups promoting suicide are no different from murderers, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. Russia is now struggling with ‘death groups,’ which are believed to contribute to teen suicides.

“Look, they [the organizers of ‘death groups,’ which urge minors to commit suicide] bring [the young people] to suicide. What’s that? It is an attempt upon the life of a man,” Putin said on Tuesday. He added that the organizers even make money on their activities.

“So what makes them different from murderers? Right, nothing does,” the president said at a meeting with Vladimir Vasiliev, the head of United Russia MPs.

READ MORE: Blue Whale ‘suicide game’ ringleader jailed for 3 years in Russia

Vasiliev said Russia has found itself in a difficult situation with groups promoting suicide, which mostly affect the “fragile mentality” of minors, and attention should be given to the problem.

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Joi (SJ) Harris identified as 'Deadpool 2' stuntwoman killed

The stuntwoman killed on the set of “Deadpool 2” has been identified as a professional motorcycle driver from Brooklyn.

Joi (SJ) Harris was killed in the Monday morning crash, her family confirmed to TMZ, when she lost control of her motorcycle while performing a stunt for the superhero flick, crashing through a window near Vancouver’s Jack Poole Plaza.

Harris, who also went by the nickname “sj sidewayz,” billed herself as “the first licensed African-American women in U.S. history to actively compete in sanctioned motorcycle road racing events.”

Working on “Deadpool 2” was Harris’ first time filming a stunt for a movie, Deadline reported.

Stuntwoman killed on Vancouver set of ‘Deadpool 2’

She had reportedly completed the stunt successfully four times prior to the crash, but the bike’s throttle became “somehow engaged” the fifth time around, which caused her to lose control, according to CTVNews.


A worker sweeps up blood covered glass after Harris died in a crash on the “Deadpool 2” movie set.


Harris was not wearing a helmet as part of the stunt — she was said to be shooting scenes as Zazie Beetz’s character Domino.

The racer posted to Facebook on Friday from Vancouver, writing, “EVERYTHING FOR A REASON. #staythecourse.”

She included that she was “feeling fantastic.”

Weeks prior to the crash, Harris posted to Instagram that she had just recovered from an injury to her wrist.

On her blog, sj24z, Harris answered the question “aren’t you scared to crash?” and wrote that “it crosses (her) mind at times.”

“Track riding and racing, teaches us to analyze why we crash so that we do NOT make the same mistake again, and basically learn from it,” she explained.

“In short when it comes to crashing, I’ve learned to accept that I am not the greatest rider that exists and that there is always something to learn when on track and pushing limits,” Harris wrote.

“Sometimes I’m going to eat it if I’m impatient. Everything takes time. Face your fears you never know what you can (be) missing out on.”

On YouTube, she shared a video of her first time ever crashing during a race at the CCS Rookies Cup in 2015.

Harris received her race license in May 2013 and began racing in 2014 with the American Sportbike Racing Association/Championship Cup Series, according to her website.

Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool in the films, said the cast and crew was “heartbroken, shocked and devastated” to learn of her tragic death.

“Nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment,” he wrote on Twitter. “My heart pours out to them — along with each and every person she touched in this world.”

The Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia is currently investigating the scene, according to police.

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'Man United fans hugged me & begged me not to leave' – Russia 2018 ambassador Lopyreva (PHOTOS)

Eye-catching FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 ambassador Victoria Lopyreva said Manchester United fans hugged her and begged her not to leave during a recent visit to Old Trafford.

Lopyreva travelled to watch the Reds’ Premier League opener against West Ham on Sunday, which they won 4-0 thanks to goals from Romelu Lukaku, Anthony Martial, and record signing Paul Pogba.

Following the impressive result, United fans took to the former model and television presenter and Miss Russia 2003 winner as a lucky charm and implored the blonde not to leave Manchester.

“I came to attend the match vs West Ham on an official invite from Manchester United as a World Cup 2018 ambassador,” Lopyreva explained in an interview with Championat.

“The club management invited me, apparently, after the good impression left following their visit to Rostov-on-Don (for the FC Rostov vs. Manchester United UEFA Europa League tie) when our city gave them a really hospitable welcome.

“Now fans from all over the world invite me to attend their home games, they think I bring them luck. Yesterday, Man United fans hugged me and begged me not to leave,” the 34-year-old added.

A native of Rostov-on-Don, Lopyreva was chosen as official representative of the Southern Russian city to promote its image in the lead-up to World Cup Russia 2018 next summer.

During the first leg of last season’s Europa league tie between the two clubs in Russia in March, travelling United fans were presented with a ‘Warm Welcome’ of blankets, a notion supported by Lopyreva, who also organized a media tour for journalists and an English-language legal hotline for supporters.

READ MORE: ‘Treated us like rock stars!’ Man United awed by Russian fans welcoming British with blankets

United, who count Russian airline Aeroflot as their official club carrier, went on to win the tie 2-1 on aggregate and eventually won the Europa League trophy by beating Ajax 2-0 in the final in Stockholm.

But following the impeccable hospitality provided in Rostov, United reciprocated the gesture by inviting Lopyreva to experience a matchday at the famed ‘Theatre of Dreams,’ an offer she says she “simply couldn’t turn down.”

READ MORE: ‘Everything went wonderfully well’: Man Utd’s Mourinho praises ‘super comfortable’ Russian welcome

Lopyreva posted a series of pictures and videos on Twitter detailing her visit, which included a pre-match tour of the club’s trophy cabinet and dressing room, where Lopyreva even tried on a United shirt and delivered a speech from the press conference room.

“So here we are from Manchester United stadium Old Trafford I’m super excited to be here and I’m looking forward to attending the game of Manchester United tomorrow. And you guys have to win!” Lopyreva jokingly warned the United players.

READ MORE: ‘Football has power to bring people together’ – FIFA ambassador & Miss Russia 2003 to RT

And the players did not disappoint their special guest, playing out an exhilarating 4-0 win over London rivals West Ham, which left an extremely positive impression on the visiting ambassador.

“Football is more than a sport It unites people around the world,” Lopyreva wrote in an Instagram post. “Had an amazing time in Manchester thanks to overwhelmingly hospitable hosts at Old Trafford and to a spectacular home win – truly a dream come true.”

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RT Sport

Brexit Secretary David Davis lazy, inept and close to BBC, ex-aide claims in Twitter tirade

David Davis’ former aide has launched a Twitter tirade against the Brexit chief, claiming he is “drunk, bullying and inappropriate” and had been “working a three day week since day one.”

In a stream of early-morning tweets, James Chapman made a series of claims about the man leading Britain’s negotiations to leave the EU.

He made the accusation that Davis “leered” over Labour MP Diane Abbott while allegedly “drunk” and that he keeps former UKIP leader Nigel Farage on “speed dial.”

He also claimed Davis got easy rides in BBC interviews because he had close relationships with top presenters, and conducted extraordinary outbursts against foreign leaders.

While Davis was doing a series of interviews on breakfast television and radio on Tuesday morning, Chapman called for Remain-supporting MPs “of honor” such as Chancellor Philip Hammond, Jeremy Hunt, Justine Greening, and Sajid Javid to quit the cabinet.

Chapman also suggested Davis would never prep for Radio 4 Today programme interviews with presenter John Humphrys because the two were close to the extent of going on “holiday” together.

Davis was in February branded “disgusting” By Labour MPs after a leaked text message showed he had suggested Diane Abbott was not attractive enough to kiss.

A spokesperson for Davis at the time said he was sorry for any offence caused and that the message was a “private exchange with a friend.”

Commenting on the episode on Tuesday, Chapman tweeted: “I was with David Davis when he leered over Diane Abbott. He was drunk, bullying and inappropriate.”

Chapman also recounted two of Davis’s outbursts at foreign leaders.

“Someone should ask David Davis about the time he told horrified Slovakian PM ‘if you think we are going to pay so you can sell us your cars, forget it.’”

He added: “Someone should ask David Davis about the time he called [EU negotiator] Michel Barnier by mistake thinking he was talking to a far-right friend.”

Chapman added that Davis and Prime Minister Theresa May “don’t have the first idea about what they are doing,” and that his ex-boss was lying when he claimed the UK will “probably” not have to pay to access the EU customs union in any interim trade deal.

Davis responded by saying: “James was a ‘Remainer’ from the beginning, but he was a very good Chief of Staff. I am not going to criticize or argue with him [on air].”

Chapman served as Davis’s chief of staff until around a month ago. He is the Daily Mail’s former political editor and was a senior adviser to former Chancellor George Osborne before becoming Davis’s chief of staff.

He quit the government before June’s general election and now works in public relations.

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DOJ demands 1.3M IP addresses of resistance website visitors

The Justice Department is ordering a web-hosting provider to turn over the IP addresses of people who visited a website organizing protests against President Trump’s inauguration, the company claims.

DreamHost, which hosts the resistance website disruptj20.org, is fighting the DOJ’s search warrant demanding it hand over “every piece of information it has about every visitor”, according to a blog post on the company’s website.

Citing a D.C. law regarding rioting or inciting to riot, the purported search warrant encompasses 1.3million IP addresses, along with the contact information, email content, and photos of thousands of visitors, the blog post states.

“That information could be used to identify any individuals who used this site to exercise and express political speech protected under the Constitution’s First Amendment,” the blog posts reads.

Anti-Trump rally draws thousands for President’s return to NYC

Citing a D.C. law regarding rioting or inciting to riot, the purported search warrant encompasses 1.3million IP addresses, along with the contact information, email content, and photos of thousands of visitors, DreamHost says.

Citing a D.C. law regarding rioting or inciting to riot, the purported search warrant encompasses 1.3million IP addresses, along with the contact information, email content, and photos of thousands of visitors, DreamHost says.

“This is, in our opinion, a strong example of investigatory overreach and a clear abuse of government authority.”

Just one week after inauguration, DreamHost received a Grand Jury subpoena forcing the company to turn over information about the person who registered the Disruptj20 website.

Last week, DreamHost’s lawyer Chris Ghazarian filed legal arguments opposing the Justice Department and a hearing is scheduled on Friday. 

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