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Google enhances security for govt officials, political activists & journalists

Published time: 17 Oct, 2017 19:47 The giant search engine has introduced a set of its “strongest defense” features, designed to protect the Google accounts of users most vulnerable to hacking attacks, such as journalists, business leaders and political campaign teams. On Tuesday, Google Inc. announced the launch of the “Advanced Protection Program,” tailored specifically […]


Investigation launched into Air Berlin pilot’s ‘farewell flyover’ (VIDEO)

Published time: 17 Oct, 2017 18:59 An Air Berlin flight from Miami to Dusseldorf, with 200 passengers on board, made a dramatic flypast over the terminal at its destination to mark the airline’s final flight. Now, an investigation has been launched into whether the pilot endangered any lives. The German Aviation Authority (LBA) has begun […]


‘Allah’ NOT embroidered in Viking burial clothing – Islamic Art professor

Published time: 17 Oct, 2017 17:34 Edited time: 17 Oct, 2017 17:35 Last week Swedish researchers made a startling claim they discovered the word ‘Allah’ embroidered into ancient Viking burial clothing. These findings have now been questioned by experts claiming the inscription “makes no sense in Arabic.” Annika Larsson’s findings, which concluded that the inscriptions […]


‘Girl, boy or ethnic?’ Carrefour faces backlash over baby doll ad

Published time: 17 Oct, 2017 16:17 Carrefour, the world’s second-biggest retailer, became the target of a social-media onslaught in France after customers spotted an interactive baby doll in one of its catalogues, which was available in three options: ‘Girl, boy or ethnic.’ Internet users were enraged over the description of the €5.99 ‘Baby Born’ doll. […]


Are Catalonian nationalists copying Maidan's ‘propaganda’ handbook? (VIDEOS)

Published time: 17 Oct, 2017 16:31 A new video promoting Catalonian democracy looks suspiciously similar to a production made about the 2014 Maidan protests in Ukraine – and many online are not impressed. ‘Help Catalonia. Save Europe’ is a new video published on the YouTube account of Catalonian cultural organization, Omnium Cultural.   Seems Catalonia has […]


‘Witch hunt & Inquisition’: Kaspersky Lab head responds to US spying accusations

The ongoing US campaign against antivirus software firm Kaspersky Lab has failed to provide any proof of security risks of its products or ties to Russian security services, CEO Eugene Kaspersky said in a scathing blog post. In September, the US government banned federal agencies from using Kaspersky Lab antivirus products, citing concerns that it […]

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