Michael Bisping Says His 16-Year-Old Son Would Destroy Floyd and Conor

Michael BispingOn Floyd vs. Conor:My Son Can ‘Beat The F**k Outta Them’

7/8/2017 12:25 AM PDT


Michael Bisping says he knows of a 16-year-old high school phenom who could destroy Floyd Mayweather AND Conor McGregor in a fight … and they happen to share the same last name!!

We spoke to the UFC middleweight champ about the super fight … and while Bisping says he’d be too big of a mismatch to take on Floyd or Conor … he guarantees his son, Callum, could do the job and “beat the f**k outta the pair of ’em.”

BTW — Callum is already a stud in his own right … having won the silver medal at the SJJIF world jiu-jitsu championships last year. He also won top sophomore on his high school wrestling team. 

Bisping explains that Floyd and Conor are both amazing fighters … but their size differences would be too much of an advantage for his offspring.


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