OKC's Andre Roberson Redeems Himself With 30% Tip at Restaurant

OKC’s Andre RobersonTip Redemption!!Leaves 30% at Restaurant

7/7/2017 2:30 PM PDT


Turns out Andre Roberson might not be such a bad tipper after all … ’cause the OKC Thunder star took his family out to dinner Thursday night and showed some love with a 30% tip this time!!

Roberson took heat for leaving a $ 14 tip on a nearly $ 500 bar tab after signing a huge $ 30 million deal with OKC this week … which he defended by claiming “there was no service.”

Fly Dre and 7 others hit up Texas Roadhouse in Live Oak, TX last night and according to a restaurant manager, the NBA baller was awesome during his visit … taking pics and signing autographs for everyone.

No word on how much the bill was, but assuming Dre paid for his table’s meals … we’re guessing the tip was a LOT more than $ 14.


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