Lavar Ball Fires Back At Joel Embiid, You're Dumb and Injury Prone

Lavar Ball Fires Back At Joel EmbiidYou’re Dumb and Injury Prone

7/7/2017 11:33 AM PDT


You thought the Big Baller was gonna stay quiet?!? Hell no. 

LaVar Ball is coming back hard at Joel Embiid— after the NBA star fired an f-bomb at Lonzo’s dad on social media this week. 

“The reason he said that … his vocabulary is limited,” LaVar told TMZ Sports.

“You gotta use cuss words when you don’t have no intellect.”

And it didn’t stop there … 

“He’s not intelligent at all. He’s worried about me? He should be worrying about playing,” LaVar said … adding that Embiid has spent more time on the injury list than on the court. 

Ball then dropped this gem:

“I got 3 words for him: Can’t. Play. At. All. Oh shoot, that’s 4.”

There was more smack talk from the man wearing $ 200 ZO2 slides — plus, he even made a pitch to LeBron James to come to the Lakers.

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